Giant is Finland’s first and longest snowmobile endure race. The first race was organised in 1991. From the very outset, the competition was held in the terrain of Kemijärvi. The competition covers over 500 kilometres and takes two days. Special stages cover approximately 200 kilometres/day. The competition begins at 9 a.m. and departures are staged at one-minute intervals. On the second day, the start is done in reverse order. The start is normally from the competition centre, from which the racers move to the first special stage. Arrival at the special stage start is done using a predetermined ideal journey time marked on the time card. The special stages are also started at one-minute intervals. The winner of the competition is the rider who uses the least time in the special stages. Off-Road Traffic Act provisions are adhered to when moving from one stage to the next. Starts are done using a starting flag or starting lights. The times are measured electronically. Results can be followed almost real-time at

The rider can refuel after each special stage. The maximum refuelling interval is 75km. Fuel must be acquired by the rider. It is compulsory to use a service mat beneath the snowmobile during refuelling. The service mat and first aid kit can be purchased from the competition venue.

A film is made of the competition each year that is also given to the competitors. There are plans to have live televised filming of the race in the future.

Organising the competition requires around 80 volunteers. The competition could not be organised without the help of these volunteers and our sponsors.

Competition Classes:

The competition is normally done in nine different classes, of which the main competition sees participation by only SM-PRO, SEMI-PRO, Harraste A and Sport 90. Other classes are Juniors, Ladies, Masters ja Legends, Historic

SM-PRO around 30 of Finland’s best riders

SEMI-PRO around 30 of Finland’s next best riders

Harraste A for novice riders

Sport 90 all riders riding air-cooled snowmobiles

JUNIORS require a minimum age of 15 years and at least a T-class driving licence. P600 class snowmobiles are used in this class.

LADIES females aged 15-17 years holding at least a T-class driving licence and max. P600 snowmobile. 18 year-old competitors require at least a T-class driving licence and either a N600 or P600 snowmobile.

Masters and Legends participation in the competition during the calendar year when the competitor is 43 or 50 years old.

N600 or P600 snowmobiles can be used in this class.

In other stages or for experienced riders from abroad, the class categories are made separately.


N600 = standard snowmobile 2-stroke less than 600cc liquid-cooled or 4-stroke max. 1200cc. Mass produced and type-approved

P600  = standard snowmobile, 2-stroke under 600cc, air-cooled

4-stroke snowmobiles, max. 1200cc can participate in liquid-cooled classes according to the rider class.

Max. 700cc, 4-stroke snowmobiles can be used in Junior and Lady classes (15–17 years)



The routes are renowned for their snow guarantee and have been made in terrain where there are no rocks or tree stumps.

The organiser has established experience in organising competitions which ensures the fluency of the race.

You are welcome to test your own skills and snowmobile endurance at Europe’s most legendary snowmobile race.